Classic Margarita Cocktails on a Road Trip

Classic Margarita Cocktails on a Road Trip

When on road trips throughout the country you may, unfortunately, encounter areas where quality classic cocktails have not yet been rediscovered. Or, perhaps, you’d like to show off to your friends, or mix up wonderful libations in your hotel room. In these cases, I use a basic 3 Piece Cocktail Shaker Kit setup that lets me mix up great classic cocktails at friend’s homes or anywhere on the road. It is perfect for travel.

On this particular trip, a friend and took the airlines from Boston to Florida and drove back, seeing friends and collecting possessions along the way. The first stop was at a friend’s with a fairly well stocked bar; however, she had no makings for classic margaritas which my traveling companion loves. We picked up some Reposado tequila and Cointreau at a local liquor store and we were all set.

The next afternoon we stopped out at a place that touted classic cocktails. I am always leery of places claiming to know how to make classic cocktails. It is really hit-or-miss.  We sampled their version of the classic margarita. Sometimes I learn great tips or recipes from bartenders; however, that was not the case here. The margarita contained lots of mixes and no fresh lime juice. It was served in a pretty glass, though.

Later that day we stopped at a restaurant with an impressive-looking bar. Unfortunately, they had no orange bitters for a traditional martini. They didn’t have any fresh juice for a margarita either. Sometimes you just have to give up on the classic cocktail path and return to beer and wine.

On the final evening of our road trip we had a late stop in a hotel. I again brought out my 3 Piece Cocktail Shaker Kit and set to work. I had to cut the limes with my scuba diving knife, but it all worked and we had tremendous margaritas in a small-town hotel. Sometimes small sacrifices must be made on the road to enjoy a great beverage. For my next road trip I am going to bring some plastic cocktail glasses.

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